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MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 - Change Mouseover Text For CRM Field

Hi Guys,

As part of an internal project, we wanted to change the mouse-over text for certain fields on our form. We found the simplest little piece of JavaScript to do this that you can paste into the OnLoad event of your form:

crmForm.all.YOURFIELDNAME.title = "Your Desired Text"

Simplest scripts are the best!

Friday, 20 November 2009
Posted by XRM Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics - Filtered Lookup in CRM 4.0!

As many Dynamics CRM proffesionals will know, the ability to do filtered lookups on CRM 4.0 has long since escaped many of us. The only answer seems to be, "its coming in CRM 5.0" (is it me or is that the answer to everything?)

Anyway, with thanks to a fellow Dynamics CRM blogger, i have found a way of achieving filtered lookups in CRM 4.0!

In my scenario, i needed this functionality for 2 reasons. Firstly, i have an entity called Assets on which i have a set list of values, product families (i.e. servers, laptops etc) This list is published on my form as a picklist attribute. I also have another entity, IT Products, which houses my list of products. The same list picklist of product families is published on the IT Products form.

Therefore, i wanted to be able to add an Asset, select a product family from my drop down list and when clicking on my lookup to my products, display only those with my chosen product family.

I adapted some code found on another blog to achieve this:

Paste the following into the OnLoad event of the form:

document.FilterLookup = function(source, target)
    if (IsNull(source) || IsNull(target)) { return; }

    var name = IsNull(source.DataValue) ? '' : source.SelectedText;


    target.additionalparams = 'search=' + name;

document.FilterLookup(crmForm.all.citja_productfamily, crmForm.all.citja_itproductid);

Paste the following into the OnChange event of the Picklist:

document.FilterLookup(crmForm.all.citja_productfamily, crmForm.all.citja_itproductid);

For those of you that noticed, the "name=encodeURIComponent(name);" line allows you to deal with ampersand characters as well as any other funny international characters that may appear in your list

This works very very nicely and is a great workaround till version 5.



P.S. Credit to the guys at Advantage Works for their original post
Thursday, 12 November 2009
Posted by XRM Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics Virtual PC - HUGE VHD File!

Hey guys,

Like a lot of us i use the Microsoft Dynamics Virtual Machine Demonstration Toolkit. I have had this installed on my laptop for about 8 weeks now, giving me a development environment locally.

The size of the original image is not to bad, if memory serves around 20gb. Now i expect this to go up, but imagine my surprise when over the past few weeks i realise that it has grown to over 80gb!!!

After a bit of investigation i found that every time CRM 4.0 crashes, it creates a MDMP file in the logs folder in SQL Server. After a bit of investigation i was told that it was ok to delete these unless i needed them for diagnosis of a problem. So, delete them i did. However, after i rebooted the Virtual PC, the image was still 80gb.

Anway, i wont bore you with all the things i tried. Needless to say i have found via the following blog that to reduce it in size you need to follow the following steps:

1. Load your VPC and clear any unwanted files etc. (Make sure when you delete the files you Shift+Delete so as not to send them to recycle bin!)
2. Inside the your VPC run Virtual Disk Precompactor. This will "zero out" the data.
3. Shutdown your VPC and run the Virtual Disk Wizard. Here you will be given the option to compact the data which will reduce the VPC in size to the correct size of the image.

Hope this helps,

Wednesday, 11 November 2009
Posted by XRM Consultant

MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 - Restricted Bulk Edit of Attributes


I was trying to bulk edit a number of attributes today on the contact form but for some reason, MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 would not let me. After some research I discovered that you cannot perform bulk edits of a field that has an active OnChange event.

To get around this, simply disable the event (un-tick the box), save and publish, make your changes and the re-enable the event

Tuesday, 20 October 2009
Posted by XRM Consultant

MS Dynamics 4.0 - Show/Hide Field Dependant On Picklist Value


In the below example, i had a list of 5 values stored in a field as a picklist. When values 1 and 2 were chosen i wanted to hide the field, and display it when values 3,4 and 5 are selected. If you only have a single value to hide the field, then simple remove the "if else" part of the code below...

if(crmForm.all.cit_phonestatus.DataValue == 1)
    crmForm.all.cit_dateret.disabled = true; // to disable

    // to hide = "none"; = "none"; // for label
else if(crmForm.all.cit_phonestatus.DataValue == 2)
    crmForm.all.cit_dateret.disabled = true; // to disable

    // to hide = "none"; = "none"; // for label

else {

crmForm.all.cit_dateret.disabled = false; = ""; = "";
Posted by XRM Consultant

Add Images to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 with PixRM


A colleague (Rob Peledie - here at Chorus IT has developed an absolutely fantastic plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows you to attached images directly to any entity (custom or native) within CRM.

Currently within MS CRM, all you can do is attach an image to record within a notes field. This plug-in gives you the power to use images effectively for a variety of purposes including reporting.

For more information, go to where you can download a 30 day trial of this brilliant plug-in!

Monday, 19 October 2009
Posted by XRM Consultant

Automate a Save Event in JavaScript - Dynamics CRM 4.0

I was having a problem with some JavaScript in MS Dynamics CRM 4.0. I had added the function to a form to hide or show a tab that contained a number of options to hide and show navigation options on the left-hand menu. The problem was that when I loaded the form with the tab hidden, any JavaScript on the hidden tab would not work as it had not been loaded with the rest of the form. 

To get around this, I needed to save the form, after I had shown it. I found a very very simple piece of JavaScript to automate this and inserted it at the end of my function as shown:

//Hide Or Show Display Options Tab
if (crmForm.all.cit_showhidenavoptions.DataValue == false) 
    //hide the second tab = "none";

else {
    //show the second tab = ""; 

Simplest ones are definately the best

Hope this helps

xRM Consultant

Wednesday, 14 October 2009
Posted by XRM Consultant

CRM 4.0 - Dynamically Customising Left Navigation Menu Option

We had a requirement to customise the left-hand menu navigation options on an account record.This cannot be done natively within Dynamics CRM, however there are a number of different options that will allow you to do this, including JavaScript entered into the OnLoad event of the record.

To make life even more difficult, we wanted to give users the ability to hide and show these navigation options themselves. Sounds tricky, but actually its not as difficult as it sounds. We found a nice, clean way of doing this as follows (Download Full Document):

First, navigate in CRM to Customisation\Customize Entities\Account\Forms and Views\Form. Open the form record and create a new Tab called Navigation Options. O n this tab create a section called “Standard Entities”: 

Posted by XRM Consultant

What Is xRM?

Any ideas? The answer is actually very simple. We all know that CxM is Customer Relationship Management.

xRM, really embodies all the business processes and practices that go beyond typical Customer Relationship Management. xRM focuses on ALL processes and relationships that are managed as part of the business funtion.

One of the best explanations of xRM I have come across is in this video:

Thanks to CRM for the above


Tuesday, 13 October 2009
Posted by XRM Consultant

Joining Chorus IT - Bristol


Well, after a long 4 weeks i have finally joined Chorus IT!

I had been introduced to MS CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) by my previous employer, Element78. With no defined sales process initially, they used Dynamics to guide their process and empower the sales and support team to work more effectively.

Now, whilst having a clear idea of where you want to be with processes is always by far superior, it was interesting to see how the functionality of MS CRM empowered the sales and particularly the support process.

Chorus IT, have really been leading the field in delivering MS CRM to companies in the south west and customising it to suit their specific business needs, so it was a pleasure join them!

As a relative novice when it comes to developing customizations for MS CRM, I will be posting interesting news from MS, How-To guides for certain customisations amongst other interesting bits. If you have any insights, please feel free to get in touch


Joel Abbott

Friday, 9 October 2009
Posted by XRM Consultant

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