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Sorry its been a while…..

I have had this REALLY annoying issue on my desk machine for a while. Anytime I accessed our internal CRM system, even though I had the System Administrator  security role, I could see everything except for the Customizations navigation option. This was very frustrating as I would have to VPN into our CRM server to do any work.

However, after a quick search I found the answer today. It relates to the Site Map and having Outlook open when using CRM via the Web interface.

Apparently, if you have the Customizations navigation option configured to web only, when you run CRM using the outlook interface and the try using the web interface it wont display!!! Weird
Anyway, easy to fix…..
  1. First I would recommend that you delete your browsing history, stored passwords, cookies etc as this will clear any stored logon information that may be muddying the waters.
  2. Export your Site Map from your CRM instance. I know this goes without saying but ALWAYS store a backup of your Site Map in case everything goes pear-shaped!
  3. Find the following entry… 1
  4. Change Client=”Web” with Client=”All”
  5. Save the changes to the Site Map and import into CRM.
Credit to the following brilliant blog post by Peter Gernburd


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