Posted by : XRM Consultant Monday, 6 September 2010


As much as I like the look and feel of CRM when you are developing a true xRM solution for a client, as we all know, less can be more.

With this in mind, whilst developing a solution for a client recently, I wanted to hide the entire left-hand navigation menu to give my form a simpler feel to it. So when setting it up I used 2 handy little pieces of JavaScript.

The first resized the window, OnLoad, to the size I wanted for my form:


This gave me the following OnLoad:


As you can see though, most of the screen is taken up with the Left Navigation are, which for this form I didn't need.  So, i hid it using the following code: = "none";
document.all.tdAreas.colSpan = 2;

Which game me the following results….


As I said, nice simple JavaScript but I think it makes a huge difference to the appearance of the form and therefore (hopefully) how well the user interacts with it.



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