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One thing that always used to wind me right up was the fact that once you hit save to create an entity in MSDYNCRM, you could not change any details about the primary attribute.


However, after a bit of searching i found this blog on the Microsoft Dynamics Community site that was very helpful. 

Modifying properties of primary attribute is disabled when you try to do it from “Primary Attribute” tab. However you can change the properties if you opened the attribute from Attributes left navigation instead.

1. Go to Attributes and select “name” i.e. primary attribute of entity. As shown in below screen shot.

2. Open primary attribute i.e. name and change its Requirement Level to “No Constraint” then Save and Close.

3. The changes will also get reflected in Primary Attribute tab. Publish account and test the changes.

Brilliant eh?! Above you have seen how to change the requirement level but this obviously also applies to the display name of the entity. This is particularly handy if you are renaming entities.



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  1. I love this trick as well but be careful on lookups as they display the primary attribute. No attribute and you get a blank link on the lookup.


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